Old schools toys … and old school miniatures

After being converted by Sheffield wargaming chum Tim Gow to the Fistful of Lead skirmish game engine by Wiley games ( https://wiley-games.myshopify.com/ ), I got both the Core Rules and the Mexican Revolution supplement with scenarios and additional rules. Looking around for toys to play the rules with, I chanced on a nice “old school” 20mm range produced by Jacklex Miniatures https://www.jacklexminiatures.com/

The excitement of the figures arriving was increased still further by the great looking packaging:

… and some good old fashioned sawdust for further protection:

The figures themselves are crisply moulded with no flash – and look as if they will be easy to paint.

I got some US Intervention figures and some of Pancho Villa’s men. I hope to paint them soon and will post the pictures.

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