Meandering through the world of wargames!

This is an occasional blog where I will share what I have been up to as an occasional wargamer as I desperately try to stay focused on a few periods and rules and not succumb to all those distractions.

As at August 2019, my main interests are:

  • Ancients/Medieval with DBA 3.0
  • Dark Ages with Dux Bellorum
  • Medieval with Lion Rampant
  • Sharp Practice from TFL
  • Chain of Command from TFL
  • Italian Wars with Maximilian

… and in the course of being drawn into the 30YW with Twilight of Divine Right and/or Liber Militum Tercios rules.


4 thoughts on “Meandering through the world of wargames!

  1. Dear Simon,

    I really liked the look of the Nicopolis 1396 Big Battle DBA game you played back in November 2015.

    I highly recommend the booklet Bob Black wrote for the Lance & Longbow Society on Janos Hunyadi. It includes a good selection of Hungarian banners for reproduction and use with wargames figures.

    Now for a really mundane question:

    I really liked the look of the terrain cloth you used for Nicopolis: It had a good texture and was exactly the kind of light green shade that I’ve been looking for use in Balkan and Mediterranean settings.

    Please would you tell me where you got it from?

    Best wishes,

    Daniel Bamford.


    1. Daniel,

      Thank you for your encouraging comments. I actually got he cloth from a drapers in Wales. It is a fleece material and was only about £8.00 for 2 x 1 metres. It might be worth you trying other cloth shops for something similar.




  2. P.S.

    I’ve just thought:

    You could split up your Nicopolis 1396 Big Battle DBA armies for a six nation campaign day using the old campaign rules in DBA versions 1 and 2 (but sadly absent from version 3).

    Also, a chap called Darren Buxbaum designed his own 15th century ‘Ottoman Balkans’ six nation campaign game and put the details up on Fanaticus, although personally I would’ve replaced the Habsburgs / Imperialists with a Hussite army to represent Jan Jiskra in Upper Hungary (modern Slovakia):

    If you’re short of players, then I’d be tempted by a Saturday in Bakewell pretending to be Janos Hunyadi or Vlad Dracula!



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