CRIPES!!! It is nearly six months last my last blog. I thought I had better write something before this blog dies altogether.

Well, I guess I do have some excuses. Going through a major house development during a pandemic being the main one. But, we are now at last in the new house with a gaming room nearly sorted. On the wargaming side, there has been the occasional face to face game when allowed with Sean, my long standing (and suffering) wargaming mate. He recently introduced me to Osprey games “Dauntless – North Africa.” This is an excellent little game that combines simplicity and speed of play with the need for some complex and challenging decision making. It is sort of a card deck building game with board wargaming aspects. The scenery is made up of terrain tiles that can be re-arranged in various ways to fight the scenarios that are included in the game. I really enjoyed the way it is asymetric with the LRDG mainly attempting to blow things up or evade and the Italians wanting to hold buildings/airfields etc or drive their opponents off. I am thinking of playing it with 15mm miniatures rather than counters. Well worth checking out.

LRDG game

My main wargaming activity has continued to be the virtual games with guys from Sheffield Wargames Society. We have now really got the hang of playing by Zoom or Skype – Zoom having been found to be better for us. The games have been mainly ones using rules developed by the guys – principally Tim Gow, Martin Rapier and John Armatys – all wargaming royalty! A great range of games ranging from the Cold War in 1980s Germany, North African deserts of WW2 to the Eastern front of WW1 and the Austrro-Prussian War of 1866. ,.. and not forgetting the AWI and Naploeonic Naval games.

People say that COVID may permanently change some things. I have been very much converted to grid/hex systems after using them to facilitate Zoom games. I suspect I will be continuing to use them. I am currently working on hex variants for Lion/Dragon rampant and AK47 Classic. More posts to follow soon on this subject.

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