Long time no write!

Cripes – just realised that my last entry was the end of May just after the last Newark Irregulars Partizan show at Newark! Where did the summer go?

Fortunately the absence of blog entries does not mean that there has been nothing happening on the wargames front.

I have been playing more games of To the Strongest, now firmly there as my favourite Ancient/medieval set with its simple but elegant mechanisms giving realistic, fast paced and fun games.  One memorable game was Alexander v Porus as a refight of the battle of Hydaspes.   I used Philip Sabin’s Lost battles to create the OOBs – happily, using 2/3 of his lists for his scenarios, produced a couple of 140 points or so armies and it was simple to map the troop types across.  I intend to use his book for planning other scenarios.

The game did not start auspiciously for my opponent.  he played an ace when attempting to activate his right wing under Alexander and his companions – any other card would have done!  Normally this would not be a problem as a general gives a replay of the card for activation attempts in the same box as the general – but he went on to play another ace!

The game was a close one – Alexander’s right wing routed the opposing Indian cavalry and chariots and in the centre there was a brutal but even fight between the phalanx and the elephants.  Alexander’s left wing did less well and in the end it was a raw Indian bow unit, surviving against all the odds that took the final victory medal from the great Alexander.

The next game was a Romans v Ancient Britons.   Here the Britons could not avoid being ground down by the Romans and were well and truly trounced.  This was probably not helped by me forgetting to use the special move forward and fire activation for my light chariots.  But … another fun and engaging game.

There have also been a couple of good games of the 18th century rue set Maurice by Sam Mustafa.  I really enjoy this game but have yet to get my head round the right strategy – I keep getting distracted into fighting in the wrong part of the battlefield and losing the initiative!  The game is driven by cards and, if you haven’t played it, well worth investigating.

As far as the painting bench is concerned, my focus is building a few 15mm DBA armies for the 11th century – Early Muslim North African and Sicilian, Norman, Pecheneg, Communal and Papal Italian, Byzantine and Seljuqs – to fight campaigns for that part of the world.

I hope to get to the next Newark Partizan show on 6 September – Simon Miller will be putting on a huge Arthurian To the Strongest game and I would hate to miss that!