Starting with napoleonics

I have recently bought the DBN rules as I would like to start in this period without the need for loads of figures or complex rules. So – I bought DBN

The rules look very promising and Alex, one of the authors, has been very helpful in responding to a couple of questions I had. As an enthusiastic DBA player, I found the rules quick to grasp.

As for figures, I saw some 6mm mdf miniatures at the Reading Wargames show at Ascot race course recently. I bought a pack to see how my eyes would get on with painting them. Others will no doubt be able to paint them a lot better than me but I was quite pleased with my attempt. Cavalry, artillery and a French army have now been ordered. I do like the fact that you can buy them either in acks or individual strips of 8 infantry or 3 cavalry. These can be found at They also do ancients and ACW and some very cost effective buildings.


I look forward to painting the rest of the armies when they arrive and having my first game of DBN!


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