May 2018 update – or, in other words, where has the first half of this year gone?

Well, so much for that New Year’s resolution!

It has actually been a good wargaming few months with the Mercian and Northern Cup DBA tournaments,  games of BBDBA at Chesterfield Open Gaming Society, and games of Bolt Action and Chain of Command with Sean, my trusty wargaming partner.

I have just had a couple of enjoyable DBA games with my nephew, Tristan who is really getting the hang of the game.  Today it was one game win each,  playing with III/23a Khmer and IV/37 Indonesians.  In both games, attempts by the Khmer 4Ax to quick kill the elephants were foiled as the Ax got clobbered by the Indonesian 4Wb.  Here are some pictures of the game.  The Khmer are 15mm Outpost Wargame Services and the Indonesians are Grumpy miniatures, sadly no longer available in the UK from East Riding Miniatures.

khmer and indonesian 2
The Indonesians are in the foreground 
khmer and indonesian 3
The Khmer general concentrates on looking cool on his white elephant.
khmer and indonesian 4
The Indonesian warband punch through the Khmer auxiliaries – confident in the knowledge that the illegal Khmer side contact is about to be sorted! 

The 15mm DBA army collection is growing.  I have recently painted Marian and Spartacus armies from Donnington and I am just about to finish a Donnington/Lancashire/Forged in Battle (FIB) Dacian army.  The FIB elements are Sarmatian allies that I flukishly won at the Northern Cup, along with the next army up for painting, an ancient German army.  Lots of fast moving warband – lovely!

But .. the next priority is finalising the details for the Midlands Open DBA tournament that I am organising on June 16.  It is promising to be a good turnout with 25 players lined up.  I daresay that that will be the subject of my next blog entry.


A Squarebashing summer

I have been playing quite a lot of Peter Pigs excellent WW1 Squarebashing rules this summer.

I took part in Lurkio’s Squarebashing day on 24 June – a great event with a friendly wargaming crowd.  Here is a good report:

This was followed up with a very well-researched game for Oppy wood organised by James Morris with myself and Tom Webster-Deakin taking part.  I also played James’ Fort Vaux Verdun scenario earlier in the year at the Burton wargaming club.  Tom’s report  for Oppy Wood can be found at:

I have now finished my very own first two Squarebashing armies – late German and British using the rather nice Kallistra 12 mm range – here are some photos of a very recent game with my son.  The buildings were simply made with cork tiles and filler, painted with cheap poster paints. The battlemat was also poster paint daubed over a cloth.  Roads kindly provided by that perfect gentleman Ray Boyles.  The Mk IV tanks are by Butlers Printed Models – these 3D prints can be made at any scale.  Hasty defences by Pendraken 10mm. Blasted woods from my hedge!!