Bakewell Leg of the GBnU HoTT Tournament – Part 1

There was a good turnout at the Medway Centre in Bakewell on Saturday 16 November for the local leg of the Good, Bad and the Ugly HoTT Tournament.

The core principle of the GBnU tournament  is to have fun and share a common event with others around the world.   The theme this year was “Old School” which could be (and was) interpreted pretty liberally!

Fourteen players took part and six rounds were played.

The final scores rankings and armies were:

  1. Pete Duckworth              The Enemy Within
  2. Mark Johnson                  Chinese
  3. Tony Green                      Elves
  4. Baldie                                Badly drawn Baldie
  5. Simon Wilson                 Leonardo da Vinci Old Art School
  6. Owein Mason                  Lords and Ladies
  7. Tim Sharrock                  High Crusade
  8. Neil Mason                      Buster Keaton’s The General
  9. Stevie Andrews              Them!
  10. Nick Wright-Carter        Semi-historical Arthurian
  11. Kevin Casey                     King Arthur
  12. Rob Rush                          Orc and Goblin
  13. Philip Donald                  Sheep
  14. Frank Shaw                    Rat Army

The Bakewell Leg nominated Pete Duckworth’s Enemy Within (1980s protesters and rioters) as the best Theme Army and Neil Mason’s The General steam locomotive as best stronghold.

Here is most of the team: ( I was taking picture so happily for readers not in it!)

Team photo 2

Left to right – Baldie, Kevin Casey, Pete Duckworth, Mark Johnson, Rob Rush, Nick Wright-Carter, Frank Shaw, Stevie Andrews, Tony Green, Tim Sharrock, Philip Donald, Neil Mason.

.. and here is the action underway:

Games underway

I hope to be getting some more photos over the next few days and will post them in Part 2.