First UK DBA Tournament for a while!

I was very pleased to be able to host the first UK DBA tournament for a while. Due to the rule of six Covid rules, the twelve players were divided into two permanent teams for the day – one team playing at my house and the other in the function room at the (very) nearby pub, The Farmyard Inn in Youlgrave. As the weather was good, we were all able to get together at lunchtime in the pub garden for an excellent ploughman’s – and in some cases a beer!

The Farmyard Inn

The format was “open” so any legal DBA v3 army with or without allies could be used and these ranged from Biblical armies to late 15th century European. The scoring system was 3 for a win, 1 for a loss and 0 for a draw and any ties were decided by taking into account net equivalent elements lost or won. Prizes for the tournament were kindly donated by Gavin at Alternative Armies and were from their 15mm scenic range. Thanks also to Mark Johnson for helping out before the tournament and on the day, managing things for the “pub team.”

The Alternative Armies prizes

The Myers clan -Martin (father) and Patrick (son) came joint first – an overall winner could not be determined in this case as they had the same net enemy destroyed won! Here are the overall results:

1 = Martin Myers (II/32a Later Carthaginian)
1 = Patrick Myers (II/76 Koguryo Korean)
3 Simon Wilson (II/52 Dacians with Sarmatian Allies)
4 Colin O’Shea (IV/82 French Ordonnance with Venetian allies)
5 Tom Whitehead (Greek Kyrean I/56a)
6 Mark Johnson (III/15 Tibetan)
7 Mark Skelton (IV/65 Wallachians with Polish allies)
8 Andy Wheeldon (II/32a Later Carthaginian)
9 Martin Smith (I/28 Sea Peoples)
10 Keith Murphy (1/58 Meroitic Kushite)
11 Baldie (III/54b Qaramita)
12 Phil Johnson (Late Roman Eastern with Pre-Islamic Arab allies)

And – here are the players –

They are:

Back L-R – Andy Wheeldon, Mark Skelton, Colin O’Shea, Martin Myers, Patrick Myers, Keith Murphy

Centre L-R – Simon Wilson, Mark Johnson, Baldie

Front L-R – Martin Smith, Phil Johnson, Tom Whitehead.

Here are some other photos of the action at my house: (Martin Smith has created an album and uploaded more photos on the Groups IO SBA site at

Martin Smith watches Martin Myers’ intricate manoeuvres with concern!
Martin Smith adjusts his glasses to better read the rules small print while Phil Johnson and Andy Wheeldon
try unsuccessfully to contain their amusement
Tom Whitehead looks on in despair, anticipating another killer move from Martin Myers.

Now I need to start planning the Bakewell Paired armies tournament in late September!

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