Ironclads – the toys arrive

Excellent service from NavWar.  As they don’t have internet ordering I posted my cheque and order form with a 2nd class stamp on Thursday 23 January and got the goodies in the post on the following Monday morning.  That means they turned them round the same day as receiving the order.

I like the castings they look clean and seem to be accurate.

Here is a photo – the models are USS Cairo, Tyler, Queen of the West and CSS Arkansas.  Now looking forward to painting them.

navwar ACW


2 thoughts on “Ironclads – the toys arrive

  1. Let me guess you are painting them battleship grey… You could drill holes in the chimney and use a paperclip to create a support for cotton wool smoke coming out of the chimney or perhaps a pipe cleaner. If you don’t fix the paper clip you can move the smoke around for prevailing wind conditions correcting for apparent wind… and of course you can paint your smoke grey 🙂 You can just pile on the painting enjoyment 😉


  2. Interesting idea about the smoke – although current direction is probabaly of greater concern for a steamboat on the Mississippi. Concerning paint schemes, I have been surprised at the variety of colours for riverine craft. Apart from the expected black and dark grey, there are white ones, natural wooden ones and the Arkansas was probably a rust colour. There are even reports of Confederate ironclads in pine green and blue! For a bit of extra excitement the Cairo city class had different colours of bands on the smoke stacks. Thanks for reading and posting!


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