Long time – no posts!

I can’t believe it is seven months since my last post!  perhaps things have been a bit too busy on the wargaming front (and other things!) to stop and write about it.

I guess the main bits of wargames news are:

  • Two excellent DBA tournaments – the Mercian organised by Pete Duckworth and Alton arranged by Martin Smith.  My North Welsh didn’t come top, but they didn’t come bottom either!
  • My old chum Hugh Harvey from Minneapolis visited us for a heavy wargaming weekend, introducing me to Art De La Guerre (liked) and Aurelian by Sam Mustafa – really, really liked!
  • I have bought a couple of nice Oriental DBA armies – Khmer from Outpost and Malay from East Riding Miniatures/Grumpy.  Also on the painting bench are some Perry 28mm plastic Arabs for Saga and a long unpainted 15mm DBA Dynastic Bedouin army.
  • This coming weekend (18 June) I am organising my first DBA tournamenr in Bakewell – currently 16 players are signed up for it.  Full report to follow soon – i promise!  The theme is armies with at least four Light Horse or Artillery.
  • I am also helping to run the first DBA tournament at Britcon in Manchetser on 13 August.

More news – and perhaps a few photos to follow soon.


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