Scenario rules for the Neville’s Cross refight using Lion Rampant

Having read through the rules again, I don’t think many changes are required.  I intend to use Daniel Mersey’s extra rules for flank and rear attacks.  I would also  like to limit movement other than that within a 45 degree front arc to half normal distance.  This idea is pinched from the Bloody Big Battles 19th century rules.  The other change I will be making is to allow units from the same retinue get within 3″ of each other.  This is primarily due to the size of the table I will be playing on.  For the same reason, I will be scaling down all distances to half those in the rules.

A specific scenario rule is that the Scottish army cannot move until it suffers casualties from bow fire or is attacked by the English.  This is to represent the fact that both sides wanted to fight a defensive battle but the Scottish had more  time to wait!  The two armies stood facing each other for most of the day until the English bowmen moved forward to open fire and sting the Scots into advancing.

Next step is to get the table laid out with a representation of the contours of the moor on which the battle was fought using 1/2″ chipboard – pictures to follow.


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