Using Lion Rampant for the Battle of Neville’s Cross 1346

Although Daniel Mersey’s medieval skirmish rule set is not intended for larger actions, I did take part in a participation game at York wargames show this year where it was used for a refight of the Battle of Hexham – and good fun it was too!  I am intending to have a go at using the rules for a refight of the battle of Neville’s Cross 1346.  Having read up a bit about the battle, I decided to use an order of battle for a Warmaster scenario published in Miniature Wargames magazine in October 2005.

This gives three battle/retinues a side with  small cavalry reserve for the English.


Archbishop of York’s battle/retinue in the centre – 2 dismounted MAA (12 points)

Rokeby left battle/retinue – 2 expert archers (12 points)

Neville right battle/retinue – 1 dismounted MAA, 1 expert archers (12 points)

Ross cavalry reserve – 1 mounted drilled MAA (7 points)

TOTAL – 43 points


King David central Battle – 5 dismounted MAA (30 points)

Douglas right battle – 5 Foot Yeomen (Pikes) (15 points)

Stewart left battle – 2 dismounted MAA (12 points), 3 Foot Yeoman (9 points)

TOTAL – 66 points

I will now have a think about any special rules and put them in my next post!


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